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Prescription medications are sometimes used to manage or treat some medical conditions. Working with your doctor, we are able to dispense your medications and provide an accessible means to advise and communicate on how your medications work. 

In addition to getting your medications ready, we also check to make sure they are a good fit for both your medical condition, your lifestyle, allergy profile and any other factor that might interfere with their safety and efficacy.

Feel free to ask about services that might make it easier for you to refill and take your medications. We offer compliance packaging (blister packs), free delivery, easy prescription transfer, online refills, and medication reviews.

You can now refill your prescription using our online portal. It gives you a clearer picture of your available refills and is easy to use.

Refill or Transfer your Prescription

Understanding your medications, how to work and how to take them safely is important. If you take multiple medications, you might qualify for a free Medication Review with our pharmacist. 

A medication review goes through your prescription and over-the-counter drug list to make sure there are no adverse interactions that might occur. It is also a good time to ask questions about your drug list and understand why you are taking each drug and how to take them safely.

Book a Medication Review

For our recommended brand of supplements, Metagenics is a professional brand of supplements with four decades of research and innovation behind it. Talk to our pharmacist about the right supplements for you.

Our practitioner code is ProHealth. Save 15% with code PRO15. We reserve the right to discontinue the coupon code at any time.

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