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Ideal protein weight loss program is a ketogenic weight loss supervised program. We offer Ideal Protein at Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Lakeshore road, Kelowna as a 3-phase protocol. This protocol works by limiting carbohydrates; lowering fat; and providing enough protein to protect and maintain your muscle while keeping you full.

We understand that the biggest challenge to weight loss is keeping the weight off. While on the program, you will be setting your body up for success by going through the different phases of the program that makes it easy to transition from weight loss to weight maintenance. It is important to work with your coach to make sure you are on the right track and to learn how to get the best from the program.

Low Carb, Low Fat

Talk to us about starting your journey and gain access to delicious meals and snacks that help you lose weight safely.

Start your Ideal Protein Ketogenic diet with our coach.

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