• Medication review and follow-up

    Are the medications you are taking the right fit with your overall health goal? Get a medication review today and find out.
    Medication review and follow-up
  • Spirometry and Respiratory care

    We offer a respiratory care program to keep track of how your lungs are doing. Talk to our Certified Respiratory Educator today.
    Spirometry and Respiratory care
  • Accu-Pak compliance packaging

    No more missing a dose or taking too much because you forgot you already had your dose. This is another free service that we offer. Let us take care of you.
    Accu-Pak compliance packaging
  • Compounding Pharmacy

    Compounding services to fit individual needs.
    Compounding Pharmacy
  • Health clinics and screening

    Take advantage of our health clinics and programs. From bone density measurements to cholesterol tests, come in and see what we do.
    Health clinics and screening
  • Pain Management

    Pain management helps improve our quality of life. Don't ignore pain, talk to us today about targeted pain management.
    Pain Management
  • Immunization services

    We provide flu vaccinations and travel vaccinations. Drop in for a quick visit before you go!
    Immunization services
  • Free Delivery

    We love having you in the store but when you need your medications ready and delivered right to your door...let us know and we will get it done, FREE!
    Free Delivery
  • Skin care

    Experience the all-natural CHORUS line of health, hair and skin products. From dry skin relief to healing balms and essential oils...preservative-free!
    Skin care