Sore Muscles

With warmer temperatures, it is easier to get motivated to head outside and get more exercise. Regular exercise improves health. It helps reduce insulin resistance, helps manage diabetes, improves mental health, helps with weight management and improves quality of life. Great, right?

Painful and sore muscles on the other hand can zap all your motivation to get the exercise you need.

One of my recommendations for getting rid of muscle tension is magnesium glycinate capsules. Magnesium glycinate helps to reduce muscle cramps, reduces fatigue and improves muscle function. It is better absorbed than most other forms of magnesium and is also well tolerated.

Another popular recommendation is our Athlete Muscle & Pain cream. It is made up of magnesium glycinate and a pain medication. Since this formulation comes as a cream, you do not have to deal with taking a medication by mouth. It is applied right where it is needed. A typical use on an active day would be to apply some in the morning before you head out, and also when you get back at the end of your day. That way you can get more biking, walking or hiking done. Drop in and ask for a sample (limited samples available).

To ensure adequate absorption, we formulate our topical cream with PCCA Lipoderm as Lipoderm has been shown to ensure superior absorption through the skin.

Being a compounding pharmacy allows us to be able to offer personalized solutions that help.  Talk to our compounding pharmacists to find out how compounding can help with pain relief.

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