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Flu shots, kelowna

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It’s almost flu season and at Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, we are getting ready for our flu clinics. It helps us if you book your vaccination in advance. That way, we can get in touch to let you know once we have vaccines in.

Getting vaccinated against the influenza virus protects not only yourself but also offers protection to people around you that might be more susceptible to the virus. If you do not get the flu, you are less likely to spread the flu. Each year, a new vaccine is produced that is targeted to include new strains of the virus. This makes it important to keep your flu vaccination up to date.

To book for your flu shot, fill out the form below or call us at 778-477-3811 and we will get in touch to confirm your appointment once we get the flu vaccines in stock. You can also drop in to get registered  at Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, 105 – 3957 Lakeshore road, Kelowna

Pre-book your flu shot

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