Cholesterol clinic Jan 2017

We have a Cholesterol clinic coming up on January, 26th 2017 at the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (Lakeshore road).

It is possible to have high levels of cholesterol and not know it. High cholesterol (especially low-density-cholesterol) increases your risk of heart disease. It can cause an increase in fatty deposits in your blood vessels and make it more difficult for blood to flow through your blood vessels. This can lead to chest pain, heart attack or stroke.

In as much as some people are more prone to high cholesterol, it is important to talk to our pharmacist about lifestyle changes that can help control your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol and its complications are usually made worse with poor diet, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise and diabetes. Luckily, most factors that cause high cholesterol and heart disease can be modified.
Book an appointment to come in during our 1-day clinic (26th January) for a free cholesterol check. Our pharmacist will measure your total cholesterol, high density cholesterol, low density cholesterol, triglycerides; and also discuss options to reduce your risk of heart disease. Spaces are limited.
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